From Biochemistry to Clinic
June 14th 2019
Université Lyon 1, ICBMS UMR 5246 CNRS, Bâtiment Lederer

• Opening of registration February 1st 2019
• Deadline for abstracts : May 1st 2019

• Matrix vesicles formed during physiological and pathological conditions
• Functions of matrix vesicles
• Biogenesis of matrix vesicles
• Methods to analyze the morphology and biochemical and biophysical properties of
matrix vesicles
• Determination of calcium and phosphorus inside matrix vesicles
• Lipidomics and phospholipase activity in matrix vesicles
• Proteoliposomes mimicking matrix vesicles

Matrix vesicles are a specific class of extracellular vesicles with a diameter between
100 and 300 nm. Under physiological conditions, they are blebbed from hypertrophic
chondrocytes during endochondral ossification, from osteoblasts during
intramembranous ossification and from odontoblasts during mantle dentin formation.
Matrix vesicles, by accumulating calcium and phosphate, can initiate the first step of
nucleation of crystals leading to apatite. The symposium is focused on answering
questions such as: How matrix vesicles are released by mineralizing cells? How
calcium and phosphate accumulate in matrix vesicles? What are the biochemical and
biophysical properties of matrix vesicles? To what extend do they affect ectopic
calcification? What clinical applications could be derived from a better knowledge of
the functions of matrix vesicles? How proteoliposomes that mimick matrix vesicles
could be used in nanomedicine?


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