In 2020, we think that it is not reasonable to maintain a symposium, even postponed later in the year. Nevertheless, there will be a web-based event on July 7th 2020, with a streaming presentation of this year’s Terry Galliard Medal and Paul Stumpf Award lectures. We need to set up the technical conditions, but following a simple registration, you will be able to connect, interact and keep our strong ties as an international scientific community. We will let you informed about the details on this event, organized worldwide, but you can still save this date.

In 2022, the 15th ISPL meeting will be held in Grenoble, France. The congress will thus be organized for an even year, alternating with regional congresses organized in odd years (ASPL, ESPL, GRC). In due time, we will proceed with a new call for applications to our international prizes, and we hope to meet you there more motivated than ever, to share our nicest scientific results! As for now, the selected dates are 10-15 July 2022. You can therefore get organized and save also these dates in your calendars.

We will continue to use our web platform ( for both events


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