16th International GERLI Lipidomics Meeting

Bordeaux, September 26-29th 2021


« Tailored lipids: from synthesis to specific biological functions »


Sunday 26th:         –  Registration

– Opening Plenary lecture: (6.30pm)


Dr Gérard Lambeau, IPMC

(CNRS-Université Côte D’Azur, France)

“From venom phospholipases A2 to membranous nephropathy, a rare autoimmune kidney disease”  


                                          –  Welcome Reception


Monday 27th to Wednesday 29th, 020: 

Eight Scientific Sessions of 1h45 are planned. Each will comprise:

     – an invited keynote speaker (25min + 10min discussion,  see below)

     – four oral presentations selected from the abstracts (12min + 4min discussion)

Please note that the exact order, length and organisation of the different sessions will depend on the submissions made by the attendees and selected abstracts.


  Monday 2021-09-27 Tuesday 2021-09-28 Wednesday 2021-09-29
8.30-10.15am Scientific Session 1 Scientific Session 4 Scientific Session 7
10.15-10.45am Coffee Break (& posters) Coffee Break (& posters) Coffee Break (& posters)
10.45-12.15am Scientific Session 2 Scientific Session 5 Scientific Session 8

12.30am-  2.00pm

Lunch Lunch Lunch
2.00-3.45pm Scientific Session 3 Scientific Session 6  

Coffee Break


Poster Session

Coffee Break (& posters)  
4.15-6.15pm Poster Flash Presentations & PhD Awards  

GALA Dinner

19:30-23 h 


Session « Surface Lipids in plant and animals »

Pr. Joke Bouwstra (Leiden University, Netherlands)

“Lipid composition and organization of inflammatory skin diseases”

Dr. Rochus B Franke (University Bonn, Germany)

“Double mocked is better – small phenolics assist plant lipid interfaces”


Session « Omega-3 fatty acids, effects on human health »

Dr. Richard Bazinet (University of Toronto, Canada)

“New methods to study fatty acid metabolism and turnover in rodents and humans”


Session « Membrane lipids, and organelle dynamics and functions »

Dr. Bruno Antonny (Sophia Antipolis, Nice, France)

“How polyunsaturated phospholipids boost membrane deformation ?”


Session « Molecular modeling of membranes »

Pr. Stefano Vanni (Department of Biology, University of Fribourg, Swizerland)

“Molecular simulations of cellular membranes: coming of age?”


Session « Lipid Signalling and Membrane Domains »

Pr. Ingo Heilmann (University of Halle, Germany)

“Connecting the dots – Phosphoinositide dynamics in plant plasma membranes”


Session « Studies on lipid and membrane organization using biophysic tools »

Pr. Sebastian Hiller (Basel, Swizerland)

“Bacterial outer membrane protein biogenesis targeted by novel antibiotics”


Session « New technologies to study lipids and bilayers »

Daniel Huster (Leipzig, Germany)

“NMR investigations of model membranes and their interaction with small molecules and peptides”


Session « Vectorisation & Digestion »

Sébastien Marze (INRA Nantes, France)

“Lipid assemblies for the gastrointestinal vectorisation of lipophilic compounds”


The PhD award session will comprise 4 presentations (each 15min + 5min discussion):

  • Nathaniel Yakobov  (University of Strasbourg, France) « Discovery of tRNA-dependent ergosterol aminoacylation in fungi »   (GERLI PhD Award).
  • Sheena Dass (University of Grenoble-Alpes, France) « Characterization of novel proteins regulating and remodeling lipid fluxes during the intracellular development of Apicomplexan parasites » (GERLI PhD Award)
  • Etienne Guillocheau (University of Rennes, France) « Consumption of dairy products and lower risk of metabolic syndrome: a nutritional role for trans-palmitoleic acid (trans-C16:1 n-7)? » (SFEL PhD Award)
  • Chrysa Soteriou (University of Leeds, UK) « Dietary phytosterols impair oncogene signalling via modulation of membrane lipid properties » (SCI PhD award) 

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