A PhD thesis Prize is awarded  each year by GERLI in recognition of a research work carried out in a French laboratory in the field of LIPID RESEARCH. There is no criterium of nationality for awarding the prize. The PhD thesis has however to be defended in France in the case of joint supervised thesis between french and foreign laboratories. The thesis has to be defended in the year preceeding the application.

If their research work does not involve directly lipids, candidates have to justify (half a page at pdf format) how it impacts the knowledge on lipids and their metabolism.

In 2022, GERLI and Société Française de Nutrition will award

a second PhD Prize SFN-GERLI “LIPIDS and NUTRITION” of 1500€. The winner will be invited to write an article in French, to be published in  les Cahiers de Nutrition et de Diététique.

Candidates have to indicate their prize choice (only one!) in the form below.



  1. The PhD thesis Prize is awarded  by GERLI in recognition of a research work carried out in a French laboratory in the field of LIPIDS.
  2. The thesis manuscript can be written in French or English.
  3. The candidate has to defend his/her thesis in the civil year preceeding the application.
  4. The amount (€) awarded each year is decided by the GERLI scientific board. It is currently 1500 euros. There is no guarantee that a prize is awarded every year.
  5. GERLI scientific board evaluates the quality of each thesis work based on its presentation by a reviewer chosen within the board. After discussions, the board proceeds to a secret vote to rank the candidates.
  6. The laurate is chosen based on the absolute majority of the board member votes.
  7. The board evaluation meeting  is organized before the annual GERLI congress.
  8. The prize is awarded to the laureate during the GERLI annual congress after an oral presentation of the thesis work. In case there is no annual congress, the prize will be awarded during a meeting of the GERLI scientific board.
  9. The laureate should have the membeship of GERLI association when the prize is awarded.



To apply to GERLI PhD prize 2022, the following documents should be sent at the latest on  April 15th, 2022.

1. to GERLI secretary (Sylvie Demignot) :


  • a PDF file of the thesis manuscript (defended during the preceeding year)
  • PDF files of pre-defense reviewers’reports (defense report is not necessary).

2. Fill the application form below and upload the following requested documents (maximum 10 Megas per file; if > 10 Mo, to be compressed online using for instance: type” https://www.ilovepdf.com/fr/compresser_pdf ”

  • all publications related to the thesis work (PDF files) named as follows DUPONT 1, DUPONT 2, etc….
  • un CV (pdf) named DUPONT CV

Laureate(s) should present their work orally during the next GERLI congress.



Please indicate for which prize you are candidate (only one choice!)

You must add all your documents in one ZIP file of maximum 10MO (CV and publications)


GERLI PhD PRIZES since 1982

2021 Sheena Dass Caractérisation de nouvelles protéines régulant et remodelant les flux lipidiques au cours du développement intracellulaire des parasites Apicomplexan Cyrille Botte/Yoshiki Yamaryo-Botte Grenoble
2021 Nathaniel Yakobov Découverte de l’aminoacylation ARNt-dépendante de l’ergostérol chez les champignons Bruno Senger/Hubert/Becker Strasbourg
2020 Emeline Tanguy   Nicolas Vitale Strasbourg
2020 Aymeric Chorlay   Rachid Thiam Paris
2019 Marielle Margier   Emmanuelle Reboul Marseille
2019 Gaetan Drouin   Philippe Legrand  Rennes
2019 Josselin Lupette   Eric Marechal /      Yvon Jallais Grenoble
2018 Matthieu Platre   Yvon Jallais Lyon
2018 Léa Wilhem   Fabien Alpy Strasbourg
2017 Claire François-Martin   Frédéric Pincet Paris
2017 Fanny Lemarié   Vincent Rioux Rennes
2016 Mr Quang Huy LÊ   Philippe Moulin & Catherine Calzada Lyon
2016 Melle Alicia CONTET   Rachel Cerdan Montpellier
2015 Mr Joachim Moser von Filseck   Guillaume Drin/ Bruno Antonny Nice
2015 Mr Joël Lemière   Cécile Sykes Paris
2014 Melle Céline Cansell   Luquet Paris
2014 Mr Adrien Rousseau   Alpy/Tomasetto Strasbourg
2013 Mr Vincent Delorme   Canaan/Fotiadu Marseille
2013 Mr Gado Dramane   Naïm Khan/Simon Akpona Dijon/Parakou, Bénin
2012 Melle Leslie Couëdelo   Cansell/Vaysse Bordeaux
2012 Melle Thi Thu Trang Tran   Niot/ Poirier Dijon
2011 Melle Diana Molino   Faure Versailles
2011 Mr Ali Makky   Rosilio Châtenay-Malabry
2010 Melle Sandra Colié   Levade Toulouse
2010 Mr Cédric Blouin   Dugail Paris
2009 Mr M. Laguerre   Villeneuve Montpellier
2009 Mr F. Jean-François   Dufourc Bordeaux
2008 Mr Bruno Mesmin   Antonny Nice-Valbonne
2008 Mr Ahmed Aloulou   Carrière Marseille
2008 Mr Benoit Colsch   Baumann Paris
2007 Melle E. Reboul   Borel Marseille
2007 Mr Y. Ben Ali   Carrière Marseille
2007 Melle M.N. Vaultier   Zachowski Paris
2006 Mlle Siham El Fangour   Rossi Montpellier
2006 Mr Damien Portevin   Guilhot Toulouse
2005 Melle Masson Elodie    El-Bawa Villeurbanne
2005 Mr Demedina Philippe   Poirot Toulouse
2004 Mr Sébastien Baud   Miquel Versailles
2004 Melle Soazig Le Lay   Dugail Paris
2003 Mr Nabil Miled   Verger Marseille
2002 Mr L. Martinez   Barbaras Toulouse
2001 Mme Céline Pagès   Lafontan Toulouse
2000 Mr Canaan   Verger Marseille
1999 Melle Desrumaux   Lagrost Dijon
1998 Mme Andrieu Abadie   Salvayre Toulouse
1997 Melle Poirier   Besnard Dijon
1996 Melle Brossard   Lagarde Lyon
1995 Mr Gaffet   Bienvenue Montpellier
1994 Mr Lesnik   Chapman Paris
1993 Mr Carrière   Verger Marseille
1992 Mr Ransac   Verger Marseille
1991 Mr Andriamampandry   Freysz Strasbourg
1990 Mme Pradines Figuières   Ailhaud Nice
1989 Mme Bdiou Theret   Fruchart Lille
1988 Melle Nègre   Douste Blazy Toulouse
1987 Mr Gargouri   Verger Marseille
1986 Mr Perret   Chap Toulouse
1985 Mr Seigneuret   Devaux Paris
1984 Mr Grimaldi   Ailhaud Nice
1983 Mr Salvayre   Douste Blazy Toulouse
1982 Mme Féliste   Douste Blazy Toulouse



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