Strasbourg, January 15, 2022

Dear colleagues, dear members and supporters of GERLI,

Please accept my best wishes for the New Year 2022, may it be very fruitful from the scientific point of view and enjoyable on the personal side !

Our scientific society, whose primary goal is to promote the research and dissemination of knowledge on lipids in all states, is approaching this new year reinforced by its recent achievements.

The interactions developed by the GERLI with all the players in institutional research, with the allied scientific societies and other players from the industrial sector, have formed a very solid basis in 2021. GERLI is particularly happy to have been able to propose the “Tailored lipids: from synthesis to specific biological functions” conference in Bordeaux in the fall of 2021, organized by Frédéric Domergue and his colleagues from Bordeaux. This GERLI international congress gave at least three major reasons for satisfaction to its participants and members. First of all, a ‘Thesis Prize’ session highlighted talented young scientists, distinguished for their work covering several areas of lipid biology: Sheena Dass (University of Grenoble Alpes, GERLI Prize) for her work on the ‘Characterization of new proteins regulating and remodeling lipid fluxes during the intracellular development of parasites Apicomplexan’, Nathaniel Yakobov (University of Strasbourg, GERLI Prize) for his work on the ‘ Discovery of tRNA-dependent aminoacylation of ergosterol in fungi’, Chrysa Soteriou (University of Leeds, english Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) prize) for her work entitled ‘Dietary phytosterols impair oncogene signaling via modulation of membrane properties’, and Etienne Guillocheau (Agrocampus-Ouest Rennes, SFEL Prize) for his work on the ‘ Protective effect of dairy products on the risk of metabolic syndrome: what is the nutritional impact of trans-palmitoleic acid (C16:1 n-7 trans)? Young scientists awards and promotion in 2021 was an opportunity to strengthen the interaction of GERLI with the French Society for the Study of Lipids (SFEL), by sharing the organization of sessions of this superb Bordeaux congress! Next, the level of participation in the congress and the excellent scientific quality of the conferences and communications (45 conferences and talks) is reinforcing the GERLI and its scientific council for developing in France and abroad interactions with academic partners and also partners from the private sector, the latter having provided effective support to GERLI’s action in recent years. Finally, the scientific success of GERLI in 2021 will once again find a platform in the forthcoming publication of a special issue of BIOCHIMIE centered on the scientific theme of the 2021 international GERLI lipidomics congress “Tailored lipids: from synthesis to specific biological functions”. In 2022, our scientific society has already defined important objectives. A call for applications for a GERLI thesis prize endowed with 1500€ will be launched via the directory and the mailing system of our website. I am counting on you to disseminate this information widely and solicit all young talents! The international congress “17th GERLI lipidomics meeting” is already scheduled in the Nice-Côte d’Azur area, in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, from November 6 to 9, it will highlight the most recent work on lipid signaling: “LIPIDS: from Membrane Dynamics to Signaling”, organized in several sessions: Membrane dynamics and signaling: ‘inside cells’; Membrane dynamics and signaling ‘inside and outside’; Lipid mediators, inflammation, cancer and other diseases; Lipid mediators and metabolic disorders; Microbiota and infection up to SARS-CoV-2. The Lipidomystes network will organize in 2022 its ‘Lipidomystes days’ for sharing expertise and know-how in analytical lipidomics, also in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, with a program to be discovered at . The activity of the Lipidomystes network remains in line with other initiatives taken at European and international level, in particular the International Lipidomics Society ILS, with which the GERLI has established reciprocal links in the dissemination of information in 2021. The GERLI society brings together a set of skills and targeted or transversal expertises forming its scientific council, allowing the setting up of congresses on ‘lipids in all states’, with a very broad international participation. This scientific wide scope is a strong asset to encourage the participation of doctoral and post-doctoral students in these congresses and in the action of our association. GERLI wishes to engage in new national, international and synergistic interactions with other partners from the lipid research field! To carry out the action of the GERLI, to promote lipid sciences in an immoderate way, our scientific society needs your support, donations, sponsorships and of course your contributions as members. I am counting on you to register as member and solicit other registrations around you. The GERLI offers an annual statutory (50€) or non-statutory (25€) membership and other advantageous rates (‘laboratory’, 200€ for 4 people then 25€ per additional membership). Please note that membership gives access to the preferential registration rate for GERLI congresses and also allows access to membership of the European Federation for the Science and Technology of Lipids (EFL). I encourage you to join and support the GERLI and to contribute to the dissemination, influence and national and international recognition of your research on lipids. The excellent work of our webmaster Michel Record on the GERLI website will allow you to choose your membership for 2022, with an easy online payment.

With best regards,

                                                                                              Hubert Schaller

                                                                                               GERLI president




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