The President’s word 2024

Strasbourg, January 29, 2024

Dear colleagues, dear members and supporters of GERLI,

Please accept my best wishes for this new year 2024, may it be very fruitful on a scientific level and pleasant on a personal level!Our scientific society is entering the year 2024 with an elected office for a new mandate covering the next three years. Welcome to Cécile Gladine, our new Secretary General, and big thanks to Sylvie Demignot for having worked effectively in this position until now.

The GERLI was created in 1978, as the ‘Groupe d’Etude et de Recherche sur les Lipides et les Lipoprotéines’. After twenty-two years, the GERLI found a new orientation and scientific attachement in the lipidomics approach of lipid science, by integrating this new discipline into its title and logo. In 2003, the GERLI lipidomics meeting was proposed to our international community, the first in a series of twenty conferences bringing together more than 2,500 participants. Over the last few years, the identity of GERLI has been strongly marked by the diversity of scientific themes represented in its scientific council, with broad coverage of lipid and life sciences, including physics, chemistry, biology, and all transversal and integrative approaches, analytical lipidomics remaining of course represented at GERLI, in strong interaction with the french Lipidomystes group.

The GERLI, whose primary goal is to promote research and the dissemination of knowledge on lipids in all their states, will become in 2024 the Groupe d’Etude et de Recherche sur les Lipides,  A LIPID SCIENCE NETWORK.

The congress organized in Paris at the Cordeliers historical university site, from October 16 to 18, 2023, entitled ‘Lipids: from molecular aspects to human diseases’ made it possible to highlight the most recent aspects linked to “Lipid trafficking at contact sites”, “Lipid location and dynamics”, “Lipids between cancer and metabolic disorders”, “Lipids in host pathogen interaction”. This congress, organized by Rachid Thiam and our Parisian colleagues from the GERLI Scientific Council, brought together 120 people, with the participation of the SFN (Société Française de Nutrition) for the co-organization of a scientific session.A ‘Thesis Prize’ session was held to honour talented young scientists: the GERLI thesis prize was awarded to Romain Magny (Paris), for his work on “Lipidomic analysis of dry eye: search for molecular markers of physiopathological mechanisms”. The GERLI-SFN thesis prize launched from a recent interaction between the two scientific societies, as well as the SFEL (Société Française pour l’Etude des Lipides) prize, were awarded in Paris to Jeanne Kergomard (Rennes and Montpellier), for her work on “Enzymatic activity on plant lipids: coupling of interfacial measurements at the molecular scale (nm) and kinetic degradation measurements at the object scale (μm )”. The interactions developed by GERLI with all stakeholders in institutional research, allied scientific societies in particular SFEL and SFN, and partners from the sector industrial, have further strengthened its presence in the scientific community in 2023.

The excellent participation in the 2023 congress in Paris will once again provide the opportunity to publish a special issue of BIOCHIMIE (Elsevier Science) focused on the scientific theme of the congress. I would particularly like to thank Malika Hassini and Claude Forest, long-time supporters of GERLI in the editorial office of BIOCHIMIE, as well as Bryan Adriaanse (Elsevier), for the strong support provided to GERLI in 2023 and earlier. The 19th GERLI international lipid meeting entilted ‘Lipids: from Sea to Fork’, is already scheduled in Plouzané, near Brest, at the European Institute for Marine Studies, from September 23 to 26, 2024. It will highlight the most recent scientific results proposed in different sessions like “Structural diversity of lipids from summits to deep sea”, “Roles/functions of lipids and derivatives”, “Lipid markers in trophic ecology”, “Lipids in their socio-economic context and legal boundaries”, “Environmental/climatic issues of omega 3”, and others, available on our dedicated web page. The GERLI brings together a set of transversal skills and expertises, allowing the organization of scientific meetings on lipids with very broad international participation. This is a strong point for encouraging the participation of your doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows in these meetings, and to join our scientific society. To carry out the action of GERLI, to promote the sciences of lipids in an immoderate manner, our scientific society which is an association known as the “1901 law”, needs your support, donations, patronage and of course your contributions. I am counting on you to make your contribution and ask for others around you. GERLI offers a statutory (€50) or non-statutory (€25) annual membership and other advantageous rates (‘laboratory’, €200 for 4 people then €25 per additional membership). Please note that membership opens access to the preferential registration rate for GERLI congresses and also allows access to membership status of the European Federation for the Science and Technology of Lipids (EFL), with the advantages registration fees for EFL congresses. I would like to encourage you to join now and support the GERLI, and to contribute to the dissemination, influence and national and international recognition of your research on lipids. The excellent work of our webmaster Frédéric Carrière on the GERLI website will allow you to choose your membership for 2024, in particular with easy online payment. 

With my best regards, 

                                                                                              Hubert Schaller

                                                                                               GERLI president




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