Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the 15th GERLI international Lipidomics meeting, which will be held at Compiègne, France, from september 30th to october 2rd, 2019. The scientific program will be mostly dedicated to lipid and fatty acids biodiversity in living world and their role in cells. Under the title “Biodiversity of lipid species – Benefit for nutrition and Effects on health”, we would like to gather researchers from various areas with common interested for the exploration / exploitation of this diversity, the physical chemistry of unusual lipids and fatty acids, the metabolism leading to these different structures, their impact on the diseases, their effect on health and their various applications in biotechnology, pharmacology and nutrition.

Scientific sessions:

-1. Unusual lipids/fatty acids with interesting physiological effects

– 2. Lipids and inflammatory mechanisms – Diseases and prevention

– 3. Lipids and vectorization

– 4. Lipids & nutrition: food and feed

– 5. Lipids & nutraceutics: food and feed

–  6. Hot Topics

– 7. Contribution of lipidomic, metabolomic and fluxomic to the knowledge in lipid

   production and nutrition

Confirmed invited speakers:

Martin Giera, Center for Proteomic and Metabolic, Netherlands

Jesmond Dalli, Queen Mary University of London, UK

Ben Boyd, Monash University of Melbourn, Australia

Yvan Larondelle, Université de Louvain, Belgique

Markus Wenk, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Sophie Layé, INRA Bordeaux, France

Jean-Charles Portais, Plateforme MétaToul-MetaboHUB & STROMILab, Toulouse, France

Philip Calder, University of Southampton, UK

Sébastien Lecommandoux, Université de Bordeaux, France

Alexandrine During, Université de lille, France

Rob Winwood, DSM Nutritional Products Europe Ltd, Switzerland


The meeting sessions will take place at the University of Technology of Compiègne, located not far from Paris in the Region Haut de France.

The royal castle (Louis XV, Louis XVI) that is also the imperial palace of Napoleon is internationally known and will interest you for pleasant visits.

We hope that this unique environment historic and technologic will stimulate scientific discussions and potential collaborations.

The gala dinner will take place in Pierrefonds after visiting the fortified castle built in XIV° siècle by the duc Louis d’Orléans and then, restored by the architect Violet le Duc during the XIXe siècle.


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