Ouvrage sur les lipides :

Les lipides dans le monde vivant
par C. Leray, Lavoisier

Introduction to lipidomics: From bacteria to man
par C. Leray, CRC Press (ou Lavoisier)

Les lipides – Nutrition et santé
par C. Leray, Lavoisier

Diététique et Neurosciences
Ces lipides qui stimulent notre cerveau

par C. Leray, Sauramps Médical










AFECG – Association française pour l’étude des corps gras
– Association pour le développement de la filière oléicole
Almond Board of California
Analysis of olive oils at Aberystwyth
– Personnal page devoted to biophysical analysis and production of olive oil
Arabidopsis lipid gene database
(Michigan State University) – Diagrams of acyl-lipid metabolism
-Discussions and solutions for aromatherapy professionals
Association Française pour l’Etude des Corps Gras (AFECG)
Barleans’s Organic Oils – Borage and flaxseed oils
Benecol International – Margarine with stanol esters
– Review by Clouse SD in the Arabidopsis book
Bufadienolides of plant and animal origin
-review by Steyn PS et al.
California Walnut Association

Canadian Canola Oil
– Canola Information Site
Canola Council of Canada – Canola Connection

– Centre Technique Interprofessionnel des Oléagineux Métropolitains
Codex Alimentarius
– General standards for fats and oils (Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme)
College-level course in lipids – Vermont University
Conjugated fatty acids – References (Pr Pariza web site)
Corn Refiners Association : Corn Oil
Cosmetics oil – Teco Finance Export (cashew, hemp and karité oil)
Craig Byrdwell Lipid site
– Mass analyses of triacylglycerols and phospholipids
– Pilote d’études de graines d’oléagineux
CTVO-NET (Chemical-Technical Utilization of Vegetable Oils)-Funded by the European commission for the non food applications of vegetal oils, definition of the prospects of European oils.
Drug Therapy for Lipid Disorders
– Medicine college of Wisconsin
Eicosanoids and vascular pharmacology

Essential Nutrient Research Company
– Flax information web site for human and dogs
Euro Fed Lipid
(European federation for the science and technology of lipids)
European Olive oil Medical Information Center
European Lipidomics Initiative
– ELIfe: The European Lipidomics Initiative; Shaping the life sciences
Fats for Health
– Essential fatty acid information and news
Fats of life
– Information on fatty acids and nutrition. Complimentary subscription to a PUFA Newsletter
Fats You Need — Essential Fatty Acids

Fatty acids : list of composition and trivial names (AOCS Analytical Division)
FFA Sciences – Company manufacturing probes to measure free fatty acids
– Food oil analysis
Genetic and Biochemistry Seed Lipids Group
– Instituto de la Grasa. CSIC. Sevilla. Spain (Lipase software to calculate TAG composition)
Groupe de Chimie Analytique de Paris Sud  EA 4041(Univ. Paris 11)
Groupe de Recherche et d’Etude des Médiateurs de l’Inflammation
Gunstone FD Home page

HDL forum
– Peer reviewed analyses of recent clinical and basic scientific advances in HDL by internationally recognized experts
Individual fatty acid intakes
– Data tables (1995)
Information on olive oil
– INFO COMM (Market information in the commodiies area) – CNUCED
Institute of Shortening and Edible Oils
– Resources relating to the edible fats and oils industry, including various published materials
Instituto de la Grasa – Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Sevilla, Spain
Internation Carotenoid Society

International Fishmeal and Fish oil Organisation

International Health News Database : Fish and Fish Oil

ISSFAL – International Society for the Study of Fatty acids and Lipids  
ITERG (French Institute for Fats and Oils)
Kansas Lipidomics Research Center
– Lipid signaling/Lipidomics group, Kansas State University
Laboratoire de biogénèse membranaire
(Dir. René Lessire) – CNRS UMR 5200, Bordeaux
Laboratoire de Lipolyse enzymatique
(Pr R. Verger)
Laboratoire « Physiopathologie des Lipides et membranes »
(Pr M. Lagarde)
Laboratory of Marine Lipids
– Institute of Marine Biology, Vladivostok, Russia (Pr AB Imbs)
Le méditerranéen – Dietetics and olive oil
LIPIDFORUM – Scandinavian forum for lipid research and technology
Lipid Bank for Web – Searchable bank of various lipids – Japanese conference on the biochemistry of lipids
Lipid Library
  (Description, analysis, literature)
(Lipid Metabolites and Pathways Strategy – The site of Lipidomics)
(relational database of thermodynamic and associated information on lipid mesophase and crystal polymorphic transitions + molecular structures)
LipiDiDiet (European project on the Impact of Nutritional Lipids on Neuronal and Cognitive Performance in Aging, Alzheimer’s disease and Vascular Dementia).
Lipidomics (European Lipidomics Initiative)
Lipidomics Core facilities (Hollings Cancer Center)
Lipidomics Research Center
(Kansas state university)-Service and scientific development components
Lipids (Research area of the Dept of Physics and Physical Oceanography – Memorial University of Newfoundland)
Lipids online
– Information and educational tools on atherosclerosis and other lipid disorders. Baylor college of medicine, Houston.
Lipomics Technologies inc.
– Lipid library (fatty acids, sterols)
Liposome Company

(Lipides pour l’Industrie et la SAnté) Institut CARNOT

Malaysian Palm Oil Board
Margarine Institut für Gesunde Ernährung

Martek Science for life – Marine oils
– Mass spectrometry of lipids (service from Pittsburgh University)
Mass spectrometry of fatty acid derivatives

Membrane lipids
(crystal structure) – Dpt of biochemistry, University of Missouri-Columbia
Metabolism of lipids
(Indiana state university)
Microbial ID, Inc
– Service laboratory to identify bacteria by lipid analysis
Midi, Inc
– Microbial identification systems and fatty acid analysis
MRS Lipid Analysis Unit
Mylnefield Lipid Analysis
(International laboratory for the specialist analysis of oils and fats. Founded by Prof. Frank Gunstone and Dr William Christie)
National Association of Margarine Manufacture
National Oilseed Processors Association
National Plant Lipid Cooperative
Numega lipids (Tuna fish oil and marine fatty acids)
Oil World – Forecasting and Information Service, News on oils and fats markets for Oilseeds, oils and meals.
Oleaginous products (Beghin Say)
Olive oil: The oil and the health (Association du groupement des oléiculteurs varois)
Omega 3 and 6 News ONLINE – University of Mannitoba – Reference center and conferencing area dedicated to polyunsaturated fatty acids
Plant Lipid Home Page

Plateau de Lipidomique
(INSERM Toulouse
Plateau technique Métabolome-Fluxome
– IFR 103 Bordeaux
Plateforme de Lipidomique
(IMBL Villeurbanne)
Plateforme Scientifique LiPolGreen – Interface entre sciences du végétal et chimie verte, s’appuie sur des compétences dans les domaines de la biotechnologie des lipides. SupAgro, Montpellier, France.
Polymer Laboratories – Surfactants
PORLA Home page – Palm oil, nutritional facts
PUFA NewsLetter
(Fats of Life)
Resorcinolic lipid’s page
– Dr Kozubek laboratory. Occurrence, biological activities, practical information
Savon de Marseille – Fabrication – Histoire
SCI – Oils and Fats Group (Society of Chemical Industry, London) conferences and publications from the Society of Chemical Industry.
Site de l’huile d’olive (financé par l’UE) – Histoire, les différentes huiles, fabrication, conservation, emplois
Sea-oil (Extraction and production of fish oil)
Seed Oil Fatty Acid (SOFA) – Data base from the Institute for chemistry and physics of lipids in Münster
Seed oil translation table
(AOCS Analytical division)
Société Française d’Athérosclérose

Société Française des Antioxydants

SOFA Database
– Seed oil fatty acids (Max Rubner Institut)
Soya and Oilseed bluebook online (Information source for the oilseed industry)
Stazione Sperimentale per le Industrie degli Oli e dei Grassi

Sterol metabolism in plants
– Review by Benveniste P. in the Arabidopsis book
Studies proving the essentiality of n-3 fatty acids
Surfactants – References
The Good Scents Company vegetable oils Information
The Olive Oil source
– Olive oil information and products
The Olive Press
– Official site of Bertolli olive oil 
The Olive Tree World
(History, Health, Recipes, Links)
The Omega Diet – Information on the Lifesaving Nutritional Program
Trans Fat Info Web page
: Health issues and trans fat
United Soybean Board
University of Oregon
: Low fat products, fat replacers, fat substitutes, reduced fat
U.S. Edible Oil Industry
– List of companies with web links (Institute of shortening and edible oils)
Zamora Page on fatty acids in nutrition




Alban Muller International  – Ingrédients pour le cosmétique
Avanti Polar Lipids  – Lipides naturels, principalement phospholipides et sphingolipides
Bertin Pharma
– Lipides bioactifs : réactifs et études sur contrat (concentration, activité, …), formulations

Biomol – Biomolecules for Research (Bioactive lipids)
Britannia Food Ingredients
– Huiles et graisses pour l’alimentation
Cayman Chemical
– Lipides, leucotriènes, prostaglandines
Cosmetics applications of phospholipids
– Laboratoires collaboratifs 
Doosan Serdary Research Laboratories
– Lipides de haute pureté
Echelon Research Laboratories Inc
– Produits pour la signalisation cellulaire
Flax Information web site
Henry Lamotte GmbH
– Huiles et aliments pour l’industrie et le commerce
– Source d’inositols, de phosphoinositides, de phosphatidylinositols
International Fishmeal and Oil manufacturer association
Jayant Oil Mills Group
– Huile de ricin
Karlshamns – Huiles de table, nutrition clinique, applications en pharmacie
Larodan Fine Chemicals – Lipides de haute purité
Loders Croklaan
– Lipides alimentaires
Lucas Meyer – The lecithin people

– Huiles de poisson riches en omega 3
– Lipides purs, standards et produits biochimiques purs

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc.
– Huile de crustacés (krill) riche en omega 3

Northern Lipids Inc
– Recherches sur les liposomes, les lipides purs, services  analytiques

Oxford Biochemical Research (UK)
– Acides gras, eicosanoides et dérivés actifs
Pronova Biocare 
– Huiles de poisson
S & J Lipids – Lipides pour la pharmacie, l’alimentation et l’industrie
Verband Deutscher Oelmühlen e.V



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ASD Oil Palm Papers – Publication of the Agriculture Servies and Development (ASD) de Costa Rica SA

Chemistry and Physics of Lipids – Elsevier Science, Limerick, Ireland. Since 1966.

CHOI CHOI – Conseils huile d’olive information – Centre d’information de l’huile d’olive. Since 1973

CholesterolHindawi Publishing Corporation (Open access journal)

Current Opinion in Lipidology – Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, London. Since 1990.

European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology – Ed Prof. F. Spener, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim. Since 2000. (Formerly : Fat Sci Technol)

/Lipids – (Zeitschrift für Wissenschaft und Technologie der Fette, Öle und Wachse) Deutsche Gesellschaft für Fettwissenschaft. Wiley-VCH, Weinheim. Since 1987. From 2000 see above: European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology.

Fish Oil Research Today – Omega 3, dosage, health benefits, diet. 

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Journal of the Japan Oil Chemistry Society

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Journal of Oleo Science
(Continuation of J Jap Oil Chem Soc) – Japan Oil Chemists’ Society

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Lipid Insights Open-access online journal that covers all aspects of lipids. Since 2008.

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National institute of agriculture Botany, Cambridge, UK. Since 1995.

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John Libbey Eurotext, Montrouge. Since 1992.

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Edited by CETIOM, 12 avenue George V, 75008 Paris.

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Revue officielle du Conseil Oléicole International, Principe de Vergara, 154, 28002 Madrid, Spain. Edited in French, English, Spanish and Italian. Contact :

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Seifen Öle Fette Wachse-Journal –
Verl. Chemische Industrie, Augsburg. Since 1992.

The Oily Press – High-quality books on oils, fats and other lipids written and published by lipid experts (free electronic version of Gunstone & Herslof’s book « Lipid Glossary 2 » for download).



Groupe de discussion sur les lipides (Yahoo)
Groupe de discussion sur la chromatographie
(St Louis)
Réseau de groupes de discussion sur la biologie



Annuaire Enseignement Supérieur et Recherche (UREC)
AOCS Awards and Scholarship Program

(Bourses de recherches et d’études, prix, financements)
NewScientist Jobs (The premier solution for science recruitment) (site de recherche d’emplois aux USA)


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