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Cet espace est destiné à recevoir des offres émanant de laboratoires (emploi, post-doc, recherche de candidats pour thèse) comme des demandes émanant d’étudiants (recherche de laboratoires pour un recrutement, recherche de stages).

Ces offres et/ou demandes sont à envoyer au secrétaire de l’association :

November 2, 2018 Post -Doc position on lipid metabolism

Postdoc(s) to work on lipid metabolism at Brookhaven National Lab in New York

Dear Lipid Colleagues,
I am currently recruiting postdoc(s) to work on lipid metabolism at Brookhaven National Lab in New York.   My lab comprises an active group of collaborative postdocs and professionals working on lipid metabolism.  Lab members also interact synergistically with lipid groups led by Jorg Schwender and Changcheng Xu in the Biology department.  The biology department at BNL is a great place for postdocs to develop new skills and exploit them to answer important open questions in lipid metabolism.
Details of the position and application can be found at:
Funding starts immediately, so successful candidate(s) could start as soon as they are available.
If you know of a good candidate who is about to graduate, or already looking for a postdoc position, please bring this to their attention.
John Shanklin
Senior Biochemist and Chair of Biology,
Brookhaven National Lab.

January 20, 2019 Projet de thèse




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