Lipids: From molecular aspects to human diseases


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The meeting starts on Monday October 16 at 9:00 and closes on Wednesday October 18 at 15:30.

Sessions are listed below.

Each session will include presentations from invited speakers and oral communications selected from submitted abstracts.


Monday, october 16, 2023

9:00 : Welcome coffee

9:45  Session 1 : Keynote lecture

Chair person : Abdou Rachid Thiam & Hubert Schaller (GERLI President)

10:00     Robert V. Farese, Jr. (Keynote speaker, New York, USA): The phase of fat: mechanisms and physiology of lipid storage

11:00     GERLI PhD Award: Romain Magny (Paris, France): Investigating markers of pathophysiological processes of dry eye disease through lipidomic approaches

11:15     GERLI-SFN and SFEL PhD Awards: Jeanne Kergomard (Rennes, France):  Enzymatic activity on plant lipids: combination of interfacial measurements at the molecular scale (nm) and kinetic measurements of degradation at the object scale (μm)

11:30     Posters “flash presentations” (chair person: Gerard Lambeau)

12:15     Lunch Buffet and Posters


14:00   Session 2: Lipid trafficking at contact sites

Chair persons : Isabelle Dugail & Abdou Rachid Thiam

14:00     Francesca Giordano (Invited speaker, Gif s/ Yvette, France): Ménage à trois: role of endoplasmic reticulum-mitochondria contact sites in lipid droplet biogenesis

14:30      Claudia Matthaeus (Postdam, Germany): Novel insights in caveolae mediated lipid trafficking

14:45     Heitor Gobbi Sebinelli (Gif-sur-Yvette, France): What roles can the yeast tether Ist2 play at ER-PM contact sites?

15:00     Fabien Alpy (Invited speaker, Strasbourg, France): The MOSPD2 protein connects the Endoplasmic Reticulum to other organelles (endosomes, mitochondria…) … and to Lipid Droplets

15:30      Alicia Damm (Paris, France): “Should I stay or should I go”: protein relocation from ER-to-Lipid Droplets

15:45     Francisco Sarmento Mesquita (Invited speaker, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland): Why Lipids and Lipid Modifications are central for the biology of Coronaviruses?

16:15       Coffee break and posters


16:45    Session 3: Lipids in diseases

Chair persons : Gérard Lambeau & Lhousseine Touqui

16:45     Chetan Chitnis (Invited speaker, Paris, France): Targeting a host phospholipase A2 to develop a drug for malaria

17:15      Maria Moriel-Carretero (Montpellier, France): The sterol / PI(4)P exchange at the heart of the increased susceptibility of cancer      patients under chemotherapy to fatal SARS-CoV-2 infection

17:30      Lea Loisay (Lausanne, Switzerland): Bone marrow lipids: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Osteoarthritis

17:45      Thierry Durand (Montpellier, France): Oxidized DHA and AdA to Dihomo-Isoprostanes and Neuroprostanes, Biomarkers and Bioactive Oxylipins

18:00      Charlotte Gehin (Lausanne, Switzerland): CERT1 mutations perturb human development by disrupting sphingolipid homeostasis

18:15      Lena Clausmeyer (Osnabrück, Germany):  In vitro characterization of the ceramide synthase in S. cerevisiae

18:30     End of day 1, dinner on your own



9:00    Session 4: Cancer and Metabolic diseases

Chair persons : Cécile Gladine & Ez-Zoubir Amri

9:00        James Olzmann (Invited speaker, Berkeley, USA): Mechanisms of lipid quality control and ferroptosis

9:30        Logan Leak (Stanford, USA): Palmitate as a central node in a novel non-apoptotic cancer cell death mechanism

9:45       Perrine Vermonden (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium):  Phospholipase PLA2G7 is complementary to GPX4 in mitigating punicic acid-induced ferroptosis in prostate cancer cells

10:00      Joel Haas (Invited speaker, Lille, France): Development of Hepatic Inflammation in NAFLD

10:30      Youenn Launay (Rennes, France):  Decrypting the mechanisms involved in hepatic steatosis induced by an excess of dietary linoleic acid

10:45      Gwendolyn Barceló-Coblijn (Balearic Islands, Spain): Visceral adipose tissue in the colon cancer microenvironment: a multi-omic approach

11:00      Coffee Break and posters

11:30      Marc Poirot (Invited speaker, Toulouse, France): The biological importance of the C5-C6 double bond of cholesterol

12:00      Jeroen Guns (Diepenbeek, Belgium): Extracellular vesicle-associated cholesterol dictates the regenerative functions of macrophages in the brain

12:15     John Yu (Taoyuan, Taiwan): Dysregulated Fatty Acid Metabolism Drives Cardiomyocyte Remodeling in Arrhythmogenic Cardiomyopathy

12:30     Presentation by sponsor Proteigene/Biocrates: Carlos Malpica & Benoit Sarazin    

12:40      Lunch Buffet and Posters


14:00 Session 5: Chemical biology and analysis

Chair persons: Benoit Colsch & Nicolas Vitale

14:00      Maria Fedorova (Invited speaker, Dresden, Germany): Cellular lipidome plasticity in stress responses 

14:30      Brian Kleiboeker (St. Louis   USA):  Shotgun Lipidomic Assignment Tool (SLAT) Processing high resolution mass spectrometric data for rapid identification of lipid structures in mixture by elemental composition database searching

14:45      Jeremy Baskin (Invited speaker, New York, USA): Imaging and Editing the Lipidome

15:15      Alexander Wolf (Strasbourg  France):  Chemically modified lipids to explore differential roles of various phosphatidic acid species in neurosecretion

15:30      Andrey Klymchenko (Invited speaker, Strasbourg, France): Fluorescent tools to shed light on lipids in plasma membranes and organelles

16:00      Chems Amari (Paris, France): Control of lipid droplet dynamics in cells using engineered compartments

16:15      Bruce Shilito (Invited speaker, Paris, France): Lipidome variations of deep-sea vent shrimps according to acclimation pressure: A homeoviscous response?

16:45      Delphine Vergoz (Rouen, France): Lipidome of Acinetobacter baumannii persister cells

17:00     Coffee & Posters

17:00      GERLI General Assembly

20:00      Gala dinner at “Madame Brasserie”, Eiffel Tower 1st floor




9:00    Session 6: Infection and Immunity

Chair persons : Lhousseine Touqui & Jérôme Nigou

9:00        Nina Van Sorge (Invited speaker, Amsterdam, The Netherlands): Empowering human secreted phospholipase in anti-bacterial defense

9:30        Jeroen F.J. Bogie (Diepenbeek, Belgium): Stearoyl-CoA desaturase-1 impairs the regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties of microglia and T cells in the brain

9:45        Khaled Tighanimine (Paris, France):  Glycerol-3-phosphate and Phosphoethanolamine homeostatic switch triggers senescence by rewiring lipid metabolism

10:00      Ivo Gomperts Boneca (Invited speaker, Paris, France): When fat makes you happy

10:30     Sharon Wein (Montpellier, France): The two first steps of the Kennedy phosphatidylcholine pathway are essential for the survival of the malaria parasite

10:45     Inês Guerra (Aveiro, Portugal): Assessing Lipid Modulation in Medium-Chain Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency through Plasma Lipidomics Analysis

11:00      Coffee Break


11:30   Session 7: GERLI/SFN: Lipids and nutrition

Chair persons : Sylvie Demignot & Olivier Laprevote

11:30      Marie Caroline Michalski (Invited speaker, Lyon, France): Metabolic impacts of dietary polar lipids according to their specific residues in the gut

12:00      Olivier Briand (Lille, France): Enterocyte lipid absorption is controlled by nuclear receptor NR1D1 regulation of IQGAP2-mediated cytosolic lipid droplet mobilization

12:15      Raquel B. Gómez-Coca (Seville, Spain): Mineral oil hydrocarbons in olive oils: analysis and health

12:30     Christophe Magnan (Invited speaker, Paris, France): Brain lipid sensing and control of energy balance

13:00      Vincent Ciesielski (Rennes, France): May dietary pentadecanoic acid (C15:0) prevent physiological symptoms induced by a linoleic acid (C18:2 n-6) deficient diet in the rat?

13:15      Julia Kuligowski (Valencia, Spain): Identification of oxylipins in human milk-derived extracellular vesicles with pro-resolutive potential in gastrointestinal inflammation

13:30      Poster and Short talk prize, Closure, and Departure & Catering (distribution of lunch boxes)




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