Dear Colleagues,

This beginning of the year is an opportunity to make a point on the actions carried out by our association during the year 2017 and give you some informations on the events and developments planned for 2018.

With Brigitte Thomasset (treasurer) and Hubert Schaller (secretary), now associated with Lydie Humbert (assistant treasurer representing the “Lipidomysts” network), we would first like to thank you for renewing your confidence, since we are entering into a 2nd ( and last) 3 year term in charge of managing the office of our company.

The year 2017 was marked by the 13th GERLI International Lipidomics meeting, brilliantly organized by Isabelle Niot (member of the Scientific Council) and Michel Narce, which took place from 23 to 25 of October in Dijon, with the innovative theme “Fatty acids and lipopolysaccharides: from health to diseases”. After an introductory lecture in tribute to Paul Grimaldi, this congress was followed by 6 sessions, from the fundamental aspects to the associated clinical considerations: “Fatty acid signaling / sensing”, “Fatty acid transport, uptake and storage”, “Fatty acid metabolism and cancer” “Inflammation and fatty acid mediators “,” Emerging topics “and” The lipopolysaccharides (LPS): from microbiota towards diseases “. This scientific program was of very high quality, gathering 140 people, 12% of whom were from other countries. The plenary lectures of this congress as well as a selection of the oral communications have been published in a special issue of the journal Biochimie. This congress was followed by two days gathering the Lipidomysts network, and organized by Olivier Berdeaux and Jean Paul Pais de Barros.

In 2018, the congress GERLI (14th International Lipidomics Congress), will take place from September 30 to October 3 at the Hotel Royal Convent of Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume (Var), and will focus on the “Biogenesis and Fate of Lipid Droplets”. The organization of this congress is supported by Yonghua Li-Beisson and Frédéric Carrière (members of the Scientific Council) associated with a local team. Five sessions are already scheduled: “The lipid droplet: from biophysics to metabolism”, “Lipid biosynthesis in plants and microorganisms for bioenergy, green chemistry and nutrition”, “Lipidomics, lipid imaging and trafficking in membranes and lipid droplets”, “Lipid droplets in the gut: from digestion of dietary lipids to oral lipid-based drug delivery systems “and” Enzymes in lipid modification “, with internationally renowned guests.

This event will also allow us to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our academic  society, initially created under the name ” Research Group  for the Study on Lipids and Lipoproteins” in 1978 by Louis Douste-Blazy (Toulouse), Jacques Polonowski (Paris)  and Pierre Desnuelles (Marseille), whose efforts we strive to be worthy successors in animation and scientific emulation.

I invite you to browse the GERLI website now to find out about the 2018 meeting scientific program, the guest speakers and get informed of the submission and registration dates. I would also like to remind you of the pedagogical virtues of the GERLI congresses, which represent a great opportunity for your PhD or postdoctoral students to participate in a congress which is referenced as international by the doctoral schools since our transition to English in 2003.

For 2018, you can note that the days of the “Lipidomystes” network will this time be dissociated from the GERLI congress and will take place in Lyon on October 25-26.

An important and dynamic mission of GERLI is to submit each year a Ph.D prize for outstanding work in the field of lipids, conducted in a french laboratory. In 2018, two prizes were awarded to Lea WILHELM “Study of the role of STARD3 in the transport of cholesterol “Thesis director: Fabien Alpy, IGBMC, Strasbourg ) and Matthieu Platre “Location and function of anionic lipids in cell organization and plant development “ (Thesis director : Yvon Jaillais, ENS, Lyon ). The laureates will present their work during the 2018 GERLI meeting by the end of September.

The missions of GERLI finally go through the regular animation of our scientific network through our Scientific Council and our website ( The year 2017 has allowed to start a progressive renewal of the members of the Scientific Council with the entries of Juliette Jouhet (Grenoble), Frédéric Domergue (Bordeaux) and Olivier Berdeaux (Dijon), renewal that continued in 2018 with the arrivals of Zoubir Amri (Nice), Abdou Rachid Thiam (Paris) and Philippe Soudant (Brest).

 A final milestone that began in 2017 and is just finalized is the establishment of our new website, allowing the full management of our annual meetings

To conclude, I would like to remind you that, like any association under the 1901 law, GERLI’s activities are financed by the membership fees of its members. Any new member is therefore welcome to contribute to the life of the association. As a member of GERLI, a preferential rate will be proposed for registration at the annual conference and you will contribute to the Thesis Prize which may have already rewarded a student from your laboratory. The annual fee is € 50 for the statutory (attractive price of € 90 for 2 years) and € 25 for non-statutory / retired, including membership to Euro Fed Lipid. A specific “laboratory” rate is proposed (200 € for 4 people then 25 € for each additional registration) to stimulate the participation of new research teams in the activities of GERLI. Join the GERLI and you will belong to an association contributing to the dissemination of knowledge on lipids and influencing the domain, and also leading to both national and international recognition of your research in the field of lipids.



Vincent Rioux
Président du GERLI 


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