Strasbourg, January 29, 2021

Dear colleagues, dear members and supporters of GERLI,

Please accept my best wishes for a good health and happiness for the New Year 2021, may it be very fruitful from the scientific point of view and enjoyable from all points of view.

Before discussing the news of GERLI, I would like to warmly thank Brigitte Thomasset and Vincent Rioux, outgoing treasurer and president, for the effective work accomplished over the last two terms, during which the strong interaction of GERLI with the community of lipidologists has been a constantly reaffirmed objective, with six international congresses organized with great success, and thirteen GERLI thesis prizes awarded. I have the pleasure of contributing to this dynamism by taking over from Vincent Rioux, along with Sylvie Demignot and Frédéric Domergue.

The year 2020 despite the health crisis, and its impact on many aspects of the activity of our laboratories, saw our scientific society well at work in its primary missions, namely, the award of the GERLI thesis prizes, and the organization of conference sessions, online this year since held in place of our annual and international congress “GERLI lipidomics meeting” postponed to September 26-29, 2021. The diversity, richness and excellent quality of work focused on lipids in France made it possible in 2020 to reward the theses of Emeline Tanguy (Strasbourg) on ​​the involvement of phosphatidic acid in membrane traffic: role and regulation of phospholipase D during phagocytosis and regulated exocytosis, and Aymeric Chorlay (Paris) on the Physics of the biogenesis of lipid bodies, two theses chosen from a set of high-level applications that GERLI receives on a recurrent basis. A call for applications for a GERLI thesis prize will be launched again in 2021 via the directory and messaging system of our website. I am counting on you to disseminate this information widely and to solicit all young talents! In line with scientific news and the mobilization of research forces to decipher the action mechanisms of SARS-CoV2, GERLI offered on the web last September a special LIPIDS and COVID session. This initiative was relayed by the journal BIOCHIMIE, with which GERLI maintains strong links, in a special section entitled    Involvement of lipids in the occurrence of covid-19, under the leadership of Vincent Rioux and Michel Record.

I extend my strong wishes that 2021 will allow us to meet in Bordeaux for our annual congress, the program of which is offered on the GERLI website     

16th GERLI International Lipidomics Meeting – Tailored lipids: from synthesis to biological functions

organized in Bordeaux by Frédéric Domergue with a local scientific committee, having at heart to highlight the diversity and originality of the study of lipids at various scales, both in their structure, their organization, and their biological functions. I am convinced that you will find all the reasons to participate in the GERLI congress and to integrate your favorite theme in the scientific sessions of a program being finalized: Surface lipids in plant and animals, Omega-3 fatty acids – effects on human health, Membrane lipids and organelle dynamics and functions, Molecular modeling of membranes, Lipid signaling and membrane domains, Studies on lipid and membrane organization using biophysic tools, New technologies to study lipids and bilayers, Vectorisation & digestion.

This year, the Lipidomysts network will also organize its days for sharing expertise and know-how in analytical lipidomics, in Bordeaux, with a program to discover: The activity of the Lipidomysts network is in line with other initiatives taken at European and international level, in particular the international lipidomics society ILS.

Through its scientific council, partially renewed year after year, GERLI brings together a set of targeted and transversal skills and expertises, allowing precisely the establishment of congresses like the one I have just described, with international participation constantly above one third registrants. This scientific openness is a strong point for encouraging the participation of PhD students  and post-doctoral fellows in these conferences and in the action of our association. GERLI is ultimately keen to forge links and engage in new national, international and synergistic interactions with other partners from the world of scientific research on lipids!

To carry out the action of GERLI, to promote lipid sciences in an immoderate way, our scientific society, which is a non-profit association, needs your support and your membership fees. I count on you to make your contribution and to solicit others around you. GERLI offers a statutory (€ 50) or non-statutory (€ 25) annual membership and other advantageous rates (“laboratory”, € 200 for 4 people then € 25 per additional membership). Please note that membership opens access to the preferential rate for registration to GERLI conferences. This low membership fee and the persistence in our efforts from the start of 2021 and its particular circumstances, remain solid guarantees of success for all GERLI initiatives. I encourage you now to join GERLI and contribute to the dissemination, influence and national and international recognition of your research on lipids. The excellent work of our webmaster Michel Record on the GERLI website will allow you to choose your membership for 2021, with easy online payment.


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